Line Pump and Flowfill

Standing water that accumulates under above ground structures is one of the most common causes of rot and deterioration of wooden floors, seals, and floor joist in this area.

Flowfill is a concrete mixture reduced down to a super-thin consistency; almost, but not quite, like water. This mixture can be pumped directly under existing above ground structures like many of the older houses common to this area. Because it is so thin, it basically self-levels. The end result is a concrete slab under the above ground structure. This keeps moisture and water that would normally build up under the structure at bay and extends the life of the existing structure.

To accomplish this, we use what's called a Line Pump.

To accomplish this, we use what's called a Line Pump.

It is a small concrete pump truck that is set up in such a manner that it can be parked in the driveway, street, or other area and hoses can be attached to pump the concrete from the truck to wherever it needs to go. This eliminates huge tire ruts in the yard and keeps the overall mess associated with concrete work to a minimum.

We pump concrete at distances of several hundred feet from the truck to the structure on a regular basis. However, distances of several thousand feet are possible under the correct circumstances.

Line pumps are also the go-to solution when mixer trucks cannot get into the yard due to obstacles such as existing structures, trees, fences, soft ground, etc., and boom trucks cannot operate due to powerlines, trees, or other overhead issues. For example, under houses raised 10 - 15 feet off the ground. Or, to the new addition on the back of your home.

Finally, line pumps can actually pump concrete inside of your house or other structure. For example, we pumped concrete inside of the Altitude Trampoline Park in Lake Charles. We often use this method to pump concrete inside of existing shops or barns leaving a concrete slab where only hours before was a muddy, dirt floor.